Start Something

Whether you’re new to the Underground or have been here for awhile, this cohort is for you if you feel God calling you to start a microchurch in any capacity. You have an idea but don’t know where to start or don’t have the necessary tools to begin. The idea feels daunting and the being overwhelmed is real. This is where coaching steps in. Here we will coach you through 3 points: Dream, Build, and Launch. We will walk you through this process with others who are in a similar place as you in order to see your dream become a reality. As you work through flushing out your idea, being coached alongside other missional leaders will create a community whom you can bounce ideas off of, be held accountable to, while seeing God work in each of your contexts.

Cohort Size: Min. 6 - Max. 10

Time: 6 (1hr) meetings for 6 weeks

Cost: $449


  • Be inspired in your dream

  • Connected to others through group coaching

  • Engage through your content and context

  • Empowered to see this dream become a reality

  • Launch your microchurch

  • Accountability to your peers

  • Practical tools to create your microchurch