Next Steps: Liminal Experience

Feeling stuck, alone, or frustrated?

Have you entered a season where you cannot seem to figure out what’s going on in your ministry? Where you question why you are even doing ministry or how to proceed? You also know that this season is God and not the enemy because you’ve entered the wilderness. This cohort is here to help you walk out your liminal experience and teach you how to discern from God, connect with other leaders, new and old, and give language to what you are experiencing. You will learn the steps in how to walk through the wilderness and discern what God is doing in you first and then your MC or ministry.

Cohort Size: 6 - 10 people

Time: 6 (1hr) meetings for 6 weeks

Cost: $600


  • Learn to discern how to walk through your wilderness

  • Connect with other missional leaders going through the same experience 

  • Learn to mourn and grieve for what was and what is no more

  • Affirmed in your season and discern what God is doing

  • Accountability to your peers

  • Cross peer coaching and interaction

  • Learn rhythms of rest and lament

  • Engage your true self and the impact of this season

  • Embrace uncertainty and grow your faith