Life Coaching

Feeling stuck, unsure, or alone?

Do you find that being a missional leader you need someone to talk to? To help you meet certain goals you may have? Have you found it hard to find others to relate to you being a missional leader? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you need a missional coach who is able to understand, encourage, and help you reach your goals. Our Life Coaching cohort is the perfect place to work through the barriers you’re encountering and find practical tools to help make your goals become a reality. Learn alongside a group of other missional leaders and see God work through your sheer synergy.

Cohort Size: 5 - 10 people

Time: 6 (1hr) meetings for 6 weeks

Cost: $449


  • Be inspired to see clearly

  • Connect to other missional leaders

  • Engage what’s causing you to be stuck

  • Be empowered to create tangible goals

  • Free to figure out what works for you

  • Accountability to your peers

  • Cross peer coaching & group interaction