Leadership Coaching

Feeling unsure, confused, or doubtful?

This cohort is for the person who is in the beginning stages of leadership, who may not feel like a leader, or feels underdeveloped within their leadership. This cohort will help you delve into what it means to be a missional leader and what that means for you within your context. Here you will learn that leadership comes in many forms and leading out of your own flavor is not only good but necessary for the kingdom and you. You will learn to embrace who you really are and lead the way God has created you.

Cohort Size: 5 - 10 people

Time: 6 (1hr) meetings once a month for 6 weeks

Cost: $600

Participants: Open to any missional leader


  • Inspired to embrace your unique design

  • Connect with other missional leaders 

  • Engage in transformational conversation

  • Empowered to lead 

  • Learn what leadership means

  • Cross peer coaching and interaction

  • Be affirmed and empowered in your leadership