Leaders of Color

Feeling misunderstood, alone, or underdeveloped?

This group is for contextualized coaching for you as a leader of color. We want to see you thrive and flourish as a missional leader of color. We know that different situations and issues that arise need to be worked through a lense centering you and your experience. If you are looking for a place where you can be developed, all of who you are acknowledged, and affirmed as your move forward with the calling God has in your life, this group is for you. You will be coached with intentional, practical tools nuanced for you to work through and alongside a group of your peers. Learn to dream, develop, and (determine) your leadership.

Cohort Size: 5 - 10 people

Time: 6 (1hr) meetings for 6 weeks

Cost: $449


  • Inspired in your leadership as a leader of color

  • Connect with other missional leaders of color 

  • Engage in contextualized and nuanced content to grow your development

  • Empowered to lead in your context in the fullness of who you are

  • Utilize and create practical tools for your leadership

  • Accountability to your peers

  • Cross peer coaching and interaction

  • Learn rhythms of rest and reconnection