Development Coaching

Feeling stuck, alone, or stagnant?

This is a yearly 10-12 month cohort designed for the missional leader who is not the point lead of a microchurch. This group is for those who are looking to continue to develop their skills and learn coaching techniques in order to help you move forward and grow in your personal life and that of your microchurch. This group will lean into conversations about life, leadership, communal transformation from the lense of deconstruction and decolonization. You can expect to find clarity in moving forward towards your dreams, develop a practice for grounding and communal transformation and gain a community of mutual missional support.

Cohort Size: 10 - 12 people

12 (1hr) meetings once a month for 12 months(ONLINE)
12 (2hr) in-person meetings once a month for 12 months

Cost: $1920

Participants: Open to any missional leader


  • Be Inspired to dream and lead

  • Connect with other long-term missional leaders 

  • Engage in life, leadership, and communal transformation

  • Be empowered to deconstruct and decolonize your thought process

  • 3 hours of monthly coaching

  • Cross-peer coaching and interaction

  • Gain contextualized resources